We are registered for nineteen people age 18 and above but as two room can accommodate couples, the majority of the time there are seventeen residents.

Yes, we welcome couples. We have some larger rooms which can accommodate dual occupancy. If available, you could also have two separate rooms and either share one as a bedroom and use the other as a sitting room or use them for single occupancy. The choice is yours.

Yes, however a one month written notice period is required after the initial 1 month probation period.

Not always. We are a small home and do not have a dedicated room for respite or emergency admission. We do however operate a waiting list for permanent care and we’re happy to take bookings for respite if a room is available.

If you come from outside Chesham, you will need to re-register with a local GP. We have the support of three fantastic GP Surgeries who are happy to visit our residents within the home.

No, we are a residential care home which means we do not employ nurses. We can provide for a wide range of complex needs and disabilities, and do have access to District Nursing services and a service called Immedicare where we can talk to a nurse over video call as required.

Yes, our hairdresser visits weekly. Charges start at £13 for a wash and blow dry.

Our Chiropodist visits residents every 4-6 weeks in the home. We use a company called VisionCall who provide an Opticians service to us and they visit the home annually. Other services such as Dentistry and Physio are not provided in-house, but we will ensure that you have access to all of these services and others in the community either through referral or booking.

Yes, if you want to although this will be assessed and reviewed regularly. We will require you to keep your medication in lockable storage within your room.

We have staff on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We aim to provide residents with privacy. We have a Conservatory, Dining room, Summer House, large garden and seating areas around the home where you can find peace. You can entertain your friends or relatives anywhere of your choosing around the home or in the privacy of your own room. We are always happy to provide you with extra chairs should you need it as well as refreshments.

We are very happy and actively encourage you to furnish your room as you wish, subject to any safety requirements. We supply all large items of furniture such as wardrobes, beds and chest of drawers but are happy for you to bring your own items of furniture. Please just let us know before you come in to the home if you want to do this so we know to clear the room for you.

For safety, we recommend that valuables are looked after by your family, solicitor or bank. If you do bring them into the Home, we advise you to take out personal insurance as we are unable to take responsibility for valuable items. We encourage residents to keep money in a bank or building society account rather than in the Home. We can help to arrange this if necessary. We are happy to provide you with lockable storage facilities in your room.

You are welcome to receive visitors at any time. If you wish, arrangements can be made for your visitors to join you for a meal. If you plan on having visitors after 10p.m. at night, we politely ask that you notify a member of staff so we are aware.

Residents who are not at risk can come and go as they please. The issue of what constitutes a risk will be discussed with you, your family or advocate if necessary. In any case, we would like you to let a member of staff know if you decide to go out so they will not worry about where you are. If you wish to have a meal later than the normal time, a member of staff will arrange this for you.

You are free to go away for the weekend or on holiday at any time. Please let us know in advance so we can ensure you can help you with your needs i.e. extra medication etc.

As we are not a large home, we cannot provide more than one meat option and one vegetarian option at each meal time. We are, however, happy to cater to tastes and different dietary requirements. We also take note of your likes and dislikes on admission. The weekly menu is posted on the Residents’ board each week and a copy is also left in all bedrooms so if something is not to your liking and you tell us we will know to give you an alternative option.

We have an onsite Laundry room and our staff will do your laundry for you. To ensure your clothes are returned to you, we ask you to label all your clothes clearly. We also suggest that you do not bring delicate clothing or articles that need dry cleaning as we do not have the facilities to deal with these.

We have a no smoking policy at Culwood House and visitors, residents and staff are therefore not permitted to smoke on the premises. We are able to offer and access support for anyone trying to give up smoking.

All our bedrooms have telephone points. If you want to have a telephone in your room we are happy to help you transfer your number or set up a line on your behalf.

We currently only have showers in the home. There are two specialist bathrooms around the home and some of our bedrooms have showers within the ensuites. If you need help our staff are happy to assist you.

Yes, we welcome suggestions and feedback about the service we provide. We will give you a questionnaire to complete annually and we hold a monthly Residents’ Forum. We also have a comments and suggestions box by the front door. Our ears are always open to you though and we encourage residents to speak to management and staff regularly to let us know what we can do to improve the running of the home. Staff will always consult you about any changes that may occur in the Home.

The Manager is the best person to go to first. If you feel that your problem has not been resolved satisfactorily you can contact the Proprietor, Mrs Anita Larkin. Our staff can help you do this. We can also assist you in accessing independent advice and advocacy. Our complaints procedure details the steps you should take if you are dissatisfied in any way, and our policy is available to view by the front door.

If you have a small pet like a bird or a fish which you can look after in your own room, and it is not likely to disturb other residents, then we will always welcome your pet. With prior consent, we welcome well behaved pets in to the home as visitors.

Yes, we hold holy communion within the home every 6 weeks. We are also happy to arrange visits from your local church representative. If you would like to continue attending you local church or other religious service then we will try to arrange for you to be taken there.

We will keep your room for you and ensure that all personal items are kept secure. Fees will be payable as normal.

We will try our hardest to ensure you have an escort if you need to attend hospital, but we cannot always guarantee that a staff member will be available. We will, however, endeavour to contact your next of kin so that they can meet you at the hospital. We always send full details with any resident who has to visit a hospital, and we telephone the hospital regularly to find out how you are getting on and if they need further information.

Yes you can come and stay with us for respite to enable you to choose whether or not you wish to stay on a permanent basis. You are also welcome to join us for a meal or event.

Yes, we have a full programme of activities and encourage our residents to help with every day tasks such as silver polishing, peeling of vegetables etc. Please see the activities section of our website to see what we have been doing and what we have planned. We will also help any resident who would like to keep up links with the local Community.

Yes, however, one month’s written notice period is required after the initial 3 month probation period.

There are several ways…

  • Contact the home directly on 01494 771012
  • Through the Adult Care Services
  • Through your doctor, district nurse or health visitor
  • Through a hospital social worker
  • Through our website: www.culwoodhouse.co.uk

Yes, you may be able to manage by having support in your own home, by having day care or short stays in residential care.